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Precision design. The XA1000 is the most reliable of its kind.

The design of the XA1000 was an exciting challenge for us. Combining technical perfection and sophisticated design was our primary focus. The XA1000 was developed to become the most precise hand-held measuring device in the world and designed in the typical Lufft colors. Developing a light, thin measuring device that delivers precise measuring results seemed impossible – but not for the developers at Lufft.

The XA1000 is only 170 millimeters long and weighs only 205 grams. To achieve this, our development department had to do some serious problem solving. They developed a tiny, integrated working memory that can store over 1 million measurement values. It functions under the most extreme climate conditions (-20 to +60 degrees Celsius) and up to 4000 meters in altitude.

To make the menus easier to navigate on the XA1000, Lufft’s developers used an extremely robust display. The color display is made of tempered glass and is scratch-resistant, can be used in the sun and displays all measurements in high resolution and high contrast. The hand-held measuring device can be operated both by touching the screen or using the directional pad, which allows the XA1000 to be operated intuitively like a smartphone.

One device for every situation. The X-pert for experts.

The XA1000 is a true all-rounder in its field – we made sure of that. It can be used for a wide range of applications and measures physical measurement values such as the dew point, humidity temperature, absolute humidity, enthalpy and much more. You can find an precise overview list of all the measurements it can take here .

The data and series of measurements can be professionally managed, comprehensibly archived and analyzed at one glance. The included SmartGraph3 software for PC and the XA1000 are fully compatible with each other. All you need is the supplied USB cable for the secure data transport.

We took all of the requirements for different applications while developing and designing the XA1000. The XA1000 is suitable for service measurements in the plumbing and HVAC sectors and for taking samples and reference measurements in the construction industry and building systems.   Because the hand-held measuring device is so precise, it can also be used for quality measurements in the pharmaceutical and food industries.