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About Us

Since our company was founded by master optician Gotthilf Lufft (1848-1921) in 1881, Lufft has been developing and manufacturing for climatological measuring equipment with a drive for innovation and precision craftsmanship that have gained Lufft an international reputation.

We develop mechanical and electronic measurement devices, which embody the company’s slogan of "Tradition and Innovation". Our instruments are used around the world to measure air pressure, temperature, relative humidity and other environmental factors. In addition, we produce equipment for industrial climate metrology, traffic engineering, agricultural meteorology, environmental technology, and monitoring manufacturing processes in the pharmaceuticals industry.

The wide spectrum of devices, data collectors and sensors for the measurement of physical variables is what makes Lufft’s product range so unique. With subsidiaries in the United States and China, we are a global company with worldwide sales and distribution. Our team is currently made up of 80 professionals who work in R&D, production, sales and marketing.

We are especially proud of the "Brand of the Century" award we received in 2012 from Deutsche Standards, a trade association that promotes the best German brands. Our latest handheld measuring devices, the XA1000, will revolutionize the field of metrology. Not unlike the smartphone of measuring technology, the XA1000 is the most accurate handheld measuring device for temperature measurement available on the global market.